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Friday, December 18, 2009

Progress On Publicizing

This blog is now a member of the Adgitize and Entrecard Networks. I also have contacted half of the charter inductees to offer them a graphic showing their membership and linking to this blog. If you haven't heard from me, and are in this group, email me at jhy @ It's tricky to do all this contacting!


RNSANE said...

This is wonderful, Shark. I've started following a couple of new blogs in this collection...not good since my youngest son is constantly nagging me to get away from this computer and to get walking!!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

HA- but we love to have you visit, Carmen! I have another real gem, but am waiting till I get all the charter inductees contacted with their graphic button to add it.

cornyman said...


seems like you didn't make a second account with Adgitize.

Even if you had to click again 50 ads, you could earn back most of the invested money with 2 separate accounts, you still can change it after this ad will expire and cash in the 9$ referral commission + 1$ each month :)